In the World Cup on the problem of military growth,I command a neutral perspective to take care of the established order thirty two robust, if extremely growth of the military,the preferred cluster of forty eight forty eight groups match system.In fact, the $64000 ought to use this method is that the UEFA cheap fifa 17 coins.

As we have a tendency to all apprehend,last year's European Cup enlarged to twenty four groups,four teams may be the third qualify, the cluster match suspense greatly reduced,the fans complained,the final cluster match 3 matches square measure European country won the championship trophy.If you learn from the new FIFA inventions,24 groups divided into eight teams, every cluster of 3 groups,field games to provide sixteen finals, the ecu Cup cluster stage won't be therefore boring.

Attachment: 2026 World Cup ex gratia 5 game system.

Program one forty eight groups,16 teams,each cluster of three groups two groups qualify,a total of thirty two into the knockout (as delineated  during this article).

Program two forty eight groups, thirty two groups 1st play a qualifying game,decided to sixteen groups,and the different sixteen seed team into the thirty two, follow-up system and also the current tournament.

Program three forty buy fifa 17 coins groups, 10 teams, every cluster of four groups,each cluster of the primary name and also the best six groups into the knockout.

(If the robust points within the sub-group,3 unbowed No.2 may record but the weak cluster of the primary two).

Program four forty groups, 8 groups, every cluster of five groups.

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