1.First to take care of a state of mind.Reversal plenty of times ... ... don't lag behind the pressing or retreat ... ... d1 twenty minutes behind three,the last 6: three reversal;

2.Pay additional attention to buy cheap fifa 17 coins ball pass smart, don't typically a sinew ball, your teammates cannot maintain, you may be nobody are often transferred by the broken;

3.Side guard.Cm not an excessive amount of in-depth actuation,to maintain formation.These 2 positions for the defense is essential, if the ball an excessive amount of in-depth,was robbed,the main hit you steals the ball back,it is simple tragedy ... ... particularly cm as a pass pin and long-range purpose thereon, often ai can let him insert the restricted space (absolute chance) don't let him blindly (L1);

4.To deceive opponents.For example,you see the Zhisai route you pass it's simple to buy fut 17 coins (because you see the opposite facet of the route to check that empty) this is often the seventeen most attention to the purpose,passing the road is incredibly important! see more fifa 17 fun here , and more fifa news by now... come on!